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Restaurant & Hospitality Solutions

Our restaurant experience spans the spectrum of QSR to full service casual dining. We partner with restaurant technology providers to bring owners / operators the best options at the most affordable prices. Our effort based guest service training has resulted in thousands of five star reviews, increased sales, and superior guest satisfaction. 


  • Brand Strategy

  • Team Member Selection, Training, and Retention

  • Revenue Optimization

  • Information & Accounting Systems

  • Franchise Strategy

  • Menu Optimization

  • Performance Management

  • Technology Strategy

  • Throughput & Operational Optimization

  • Concept Design

  • Guest Experience

IOT & Blockchain

Businesses, universities, municipalities, and non-profits can obtain a vast amount of quantifiable data for a fraction of its former cost by implementing IOT and blockchain solutions . This allows entities to to:


  • Monitor Environmental Quality (Air/Water)

  • Monitor Utility Usage (Power/Water/Gas)

  • Manage and Track Assets

  • Manage and Monitor Remote Facilities

  • Manage and Monitor Agricultural Production


With over 500 IOT devices available to our partners and clients, we are happy to help you determine a custom solution for your needs. 

Paying Customer

Guest Experience Solutions

Our expertise in designing guest experiences has resulted in thousands of five star reviews and the creation of one of Trip Advisor’s “Top Attractions in America.” We use effort based strategies that can be implemented everywhere from small offices to global sporting franchises. We are able to help clients of all sizes. 



  • Team Member Selection, Training, and Retention

  • Creating a Success Formula

  • Experience Design (Processes and Procedures)

  • Experience Delivery (Intersection of Process, People and Place)

  • Service Recovery

  • Over Managing Details

  • Establishing a Common Purpose

  • Guest Service Handbooks

  • Training Videos


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