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Our Mission

Leaders are consistently forced to make very difficult decisions due to the rapid changes in our global economy. We know that these leaders want nothing more than to be able to provide great opportunities for their employees, and their families. Their desire is to operate their business as "normal" as possible. Unfortunately, business as usual is no longer an option for most. 


Employees also find themselves in difficult situations. Although most businesses have done their best to help accommodate employees' needs, many jobs simply can't be done from home and the businesses are trying to stay afloat. They need their employees to come to work, and employees want to work. 


We empathize with business leaders who need new and innovative strategies to stay profitable and for their employees who desperately want to keep their jobs.  Therefore, we believe we must provide these solutions by educating about effort based strategies and helping them implement new and emerging technologies. 


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Scott Tindle

Scott is a serial entrepreneur. He has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, NBC, Fox Business, CNBC, NPR, USA Today, the Today Show,  the Washington Post, TMZ, Tech Crunch, Business Insider,  and the Travel Channel. Scott has helped start-ups in over 20 countries around the world. 


Scott was instrumental in creating a tourist attraction that rocketed to the top of the Money Magazine and Trip Advisor list to become one of the top 50 most popular attractions in America. 

Scott is a native of Mobile, Alabama. After attending Auburn University and receiving a B.S. in Secondary Education (2003), Scott earned a J.D. at the University of Alabama School of Law (2009)

Scott has keynoted the Entre-Ed Conference on innovation in education. Additionally he was a featured speaker at the PR News Crisis Management Summit alongside communication professionals from IBM, ESPN, Forbes, KFC, Carnival Cruise Line, Hilton, Southwest Airlines, Motion Picture Association of America, and more. Most recently, Scott was a featured speaker at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association’s Marketing and Operations Summit. 

As a graduate of the Disney Institute Scott focuses on using the fundamentals and effort based techniques used by Disney Parks and Resorts in his businesses.  Currently Scott’s efforts are concentrated on helping the restaurant, hospitality, and tourism industries modernize through the implementation of innovative technologies, employee engagement, and guest satisfaction.


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